Schedule for GOLF in the PARK FESTIVAL

11th August 2017 – Friday evening – Bruntsfield Short Hole – Evening and Night time golf – The course and schedule have already been approved by the Council and full details will be given later however we are looking to have an 18 hole tournament in the evening as before and a 9 hole course illuminated from about 10.00pm with small LED lights and using illuminated balls as well. David Edwards is helping to arrange the lighting for us and we are also looking for some assistance from the new owners of the Golf Tavern and surrounding areas as well.

12th August 2017 – Saturday  – Duddingston – The David Edwards Show and trying to link this in with Club Golf, Golfing for Kids and Street Golf – As David will be in Edinburgh from the Friday then this event can take place at time to suit you – Late morning, lunch time or early afternoon.

13th August 2017 – Sunday – Baberton – The David Edwards Show and Stephen Gallacher Foundation event will take place in the afternoon and early evening